In the words of the Chairman Mr. Vishwanath Agarwal - "I would never lose them"... This is truly practised by Donear Industries Limited with all its associates namely:

From yarn, spare parts, packaging materials, to office automation products, etc, ensure timely delivery of Good Quality Raw Materials and Products required for Donear's unhindered functioning. Besides making on-time payments to all the suppliers, Donear also provides them with feedback about the possible trends, and suggestions for new developments, which enable them to develop their products accordingly.
Spread all over India, these 115 Agents are the first ones to know and understand the fabrics created by Donear. The efforts of all our agents ensure the product reaches on time to all the wholesalers.
Donear's 629 Wholesalers are the one's who not only stock the various fabrics but also guarantee prompt supply to all the retailers located in their respective regions.
A direct link between Donear and the end-user are the 24000 retailers spread through the length and the breadth of India. Their untiring efforts make sure that every inch of fabric created by Donear is truly valued by the customer !

With such a close-knit bond between Donear and all its associates, regular conferences are organized at well-known places in India like; Goa, Mount Abu, Mussorie, Manali, Agra, Jaipur and so forth. Also, similar conferences are organised at international destinations like Malaysia, Kathmandu & Dubai.

Is the financial backbone of Donear who ensure Fair return to all the shareholders, where Dividends are distributed regularly and bonus issues are made. Donear expresses its thanks for your firm belief by way of investing in our company regularly to help it grow and prosper.
There is a special bond between the end-user and Donear ! It voices its heart-felt gratitude to all its consumers for patronising Donear's Suitings, Trousers & Shirting Fabrics.

Donear owes its success to all their associates who have played a significant role in the company's growth and success, and similarly looks forward... To have more such associates in India and the world-over !

"I would never lose them" Supplier, Agent, Wholesaler, Retailer, Investor, and above all the End-User

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